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Microchipping and that ‘Dog Speech’

It’s interesting to see micro-chipping of dogs in the news again. About 10 years ago, the Lib Dems discussed animal welfare and micro-chipping.

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New Lib Dem Housing Policy

Last week, I proposed a motion putting forward a new housing policy for the Liberal Democrats. Reassuringly, the motion was carried overwhelmingly! This is what I said:

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The right thing to do for the NHS is to withdraw the bill

Here’s the speech I made in the NHS debate in Gateshead on Sunday morning. I’ve also added some notes about the source of each of the points.

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Lib Dem Conference rejects the health bill

Whatever the leadership of the Liberal Democrats decide, the core issue remains: despite all the improvements made, they can’t even sell the bill to their own members, let alone the professions and the wider public.

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What are our ministers’ signature achievements?

One of the great things about Lib Dem Conference is that you can ask all kinds of questions to different people in public and they have to answer. Here’s my question to the Chief Whips of the Lords and Commons …

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