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Hampshire’s cuts to hit Winchester hard

Yesterday’s meeting of Hampshire’s Conservative cabinet confirmed that they will go ahead with their reckless £140 million cuts

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A surprising campaign

Like many, I’ve been surprised at how shambolic the Conservative Party’s national campaign has been. We supposedly have a ‘strong and stable’ Prime Minister, but frankly she’s been all over the place.

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Stopping terrorist attacks

The atrocity in Manchester was horrifying and very distressing. One of the few points of light has been the failure of ISIS’s strategy of using this kind of attack to polarise the community in Manchester and nationally: they’ve almost completely failed to do this.

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Mini-rant about Gibraltar

Both sides are over-reacting massively here. The Brexiteers are reacting to a (perhaps deliberate?) misunderstanding of the EU letter. Some Remainers are compounding the misdirection by implying that Howard is saying we’ll invade.

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Conservatives vote down tougher action on air quality

Once again, Conservative Councillors at Winchester City Council have voted down a proposal from the Lib Dem group to have a tougher policy on air quality in the city.
I summed up on a proposal at today’s council meeting that it should be …

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