A surprising campaign

A 250-word article for the Petersfield Post, Clanfield Post, Horndean Post and Bordon Post:

Like many, I’ve been surprised at how shambolic the Conservative Party’s national campaign has been. We supposedly have a ‘strong and stable’ Prime Minister, but frankly she’s been all over the place.

First, we had the shambles of the ‘dementia tax’: poorly thought through and an embarrassing flip-flip when it came to light.

We’ve had ever more evidence at the damage that Conservative cuts are doing to vital public services like the police, health and education.

And we’ve had platitudes and no detail on what the Conservatives want to do with the Brexit negotiations – and what they intend to do to offset the massive risks that the Prime Minister herself admits exist.

We need a change.

As your MP, I won’t only vote for the party line, I’ll put Meon Valley first:

  • working to get proper funding for our health and social care services,
  • making sure none of our schools lose funding – and stopping any of them being downgraded to secondary modern status as the Conservatives propose
  • working to block any Brexit deal that doesn’t protect local jobs, local farmers and local businesses – doesn’t maintain full shared security cooperation – and doesn’t have full membership of the single market. I will also seek to make sure that the British people have a final say on any Brexit deal reached.

Even if the Conservatives win nationally, they still need a strong opposition. Please use your vote to back me and ensure that Meon Valley’s best interests are fully represented in Westminster.

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2 Responses to A surprising campaign

  1. Sally Lang says:

    I’m away on holiday but you did get my postal vote before we left. Even though there’s no chance that you’ll win I voted for your party as a ‘down payment’ for a fairer, less extreme government in the future AND for the chance to turn round this disastrous Brexit chaos with a second referendum when the ‘deal’ is set. Also I think Tim Darron must go – he’s not a good leader. Good luck on Thursday!

  2. Colin Pope says:

    Surely you’re not really surprised by the Tory campaign? It’s now all about slogans and rhetoric rather than reality and all choreographed by an Australian. I got so sick of the strong and stable leadership tag that I just think of Tories as the Blue Parrot Party. Nothing like the Party I voted for decades. As for post Brexit global Britain, nobody speaks about the need to do profitable business for that to happen – it’s all about a populist anti business stance from the PM. Unbelievably weak and wobbly!

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