New twitter plugin – to show tweets in rotation

As tweeted yesterday, I’ve just completed a new WordPress plug-in to show rotating tweets.

It’s easy to add using a widget or a shortcode in a post or on a page such as:

[rotatingtweets screen_name="mpntod"]

and, as a result, you get:

At a briefing on the Hampshire Local Transport Plan - an area where we need major change with a much stronger ambitions for decarbonisation and sustainable active travel…

About 2 months ago from Martin Tod's Twitter via Twitter Web App

For a bit more fun, you can add some extra options such as:

[rotatingtweets screen_name="mpntod" rotation_type='toss']

Boris Johnson absolutely doesn't get it. The barrier between home & work has got smaller and many people are working much longer hours. Work is changing & will change more. We have to find *new* models for our cities to thrive. And we can't let up on COVID…

About 2 weeks ago from Martin Tod's Twitter via Twitter Web App · reply · retweet · favourite

And the latest version goes for the official look:

[rotatingtweets screen_name="mpntod" official_format='1']
[rotatingtweets screen_name="mpntod" official_format='2']

You can also search:

[rotatingtweets search='#secretcourts']

Problem retrieving data from Twitter

You can see the widget in action on the top-right of this page.

You can download the plug-in from here.

All this was only possible due to the good people of WordPress, the Twitter API, jQuery and jQuery Cycle – and Syd who showed me jQuery Cycle in the first place  – so a big thank you to them too! 🙂

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527 Responses to New twitter plugin – to show tweets in rotation

  1. Tim says:

    Thanks for the plugin, it’s great. In terms of twitter caching, how often does it call the API?

    • Martin Tod says:

      Thank you.

      A basic call with a single screen name calls the API every 2 minutes.

      If there are several uses of the plug-in with different screen names or the same name get called with and without retweeets or with and without replies, each combination gets called every 2 minutes – so in practice, a more complicated set-up could be calling the API quite a lot more often than every 2 minutes (and if there are other Twitter plug-ins on the site, they could also be calling the API and also risking rate limiting).

      The variable is set in line 160 of rotatingtweets.php.

      $cache_delay = 120;

      In principle, this is something that could be made more sophisticated – and possibly also more often given a rate-limit of 150 calls per hour. What sort of delay are you looking for?

  2. james says:

    Hi. Great plug in. However its not keeping my settings so it is not pulling my tweets through. Can I hardcore it?

    • Martin says:

      That’s concerning. Is it the widget or the shortcode that is causing the problem? Is it just the user name that it’s not storing properly? Can you tell me your user name and web address so I can diagnose or try to replicate the problem?

  3. Tom says:

    Hi Martin,

    I just updated to wordpress 3.4 and now my front page won’t load if I have the shortcode of this plugin loaded. As soon as I disabled it in plugins my home page loaded again. Is there an update coming soon for the newest version of wordpress?



    • Martin says:

      It may have been the problem with Twitter going offline and crashing the plugin. Sorry about that.

      I’ve uploaded a fix.

      Is it working now?

  4. Mark says:

    Hi Martin,

    Plugin works well, though when Twitter fell over recently WordPress got in a tangle because the plugin could not handle the problem.

    My error logs were giving me “… mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array …”

    I narrowed this down to wp_remote_request() returning WP_Error instead of the Twitter stream. I wrapped it up in is_wp_error() as follows and it seems to work, but then Twitter came back online. I wondered if you wanted to handle this issue properly in an update?

    Here’s my code:

    $twitterdata = wp_remote_request($callstring);
                $twitterjson = json_decode($twitterdata['body']);
    • Martin says:

      This is great! Many thanks.

      I’d reached a very similar conclusion – and have just updated the code.

      (I’ve left out


      since without that the plugin will use the last safe version of the twitter feed loaded) 🙂

      • Mark says:

        Thanks Martin…

        One other thing I’ve noticed that may or may not be related is that, from time to time, the feed loads as

        About 43 years ago from ‘s Twitter


        I haven’t had a chance to look into this yet. It seems fairly sporadic, but I wondered if it was due to a different feed issue or failure. Any light you can shed on this?


        • Martin says:

          Looks like the feed is trying to parse a NULL value for the whole tweet – but I don’t really understand how it would get to that point.

          I’ve put a whole chunk of extra error checking into the development version.

          Straightforward errors will show as:

          Error. No data received from Twitter. Please check Twitter name used.

          If something really strange and inexplicable happens, you’ll get:

          Strange and inexplicable error. In theory this shouldn’t happen.

          and a dump of the variable returned from Twitter commented into the HTML – although in theory no-one should ever see this!

        • Mark says:

          Hi Martin,

          Thanks for the updates!

          I now sporadically get the new error message, “Problem retrieving data from Twitter.”

          Checking source I get:

          rotatingtweets plugin was unable to parse this data: stdClass Object
              [request] => /1/statuses/user_timeline.json?screen_name=markofaLeader&include_entities=1&count=20&include_rts=0&exclude_replies=1
              [error] => Rate limit exceeded. Clients may not make more than 150 requests per hour.

          Since this site is in development, I can’t imagine it’s making that number of requests. Any thoughts?

          Many thanks.

          • Martin says:

            I’ve now updated the plug-in so that you shouldn’t see that any more.

            As far as I can tell from Twitter’s documentation, they rate-limit by IP address, not by site. So if there are other sites calling Twitter from the same server, they might trigger the problem.

            Does that sound possible?

        • Martin says:


          Twitter’s rate limiting was breaking things.

          Bizarrely, while a ‘normal’ Twitter error is returned via an ‘errors’ object, rate-limiting errors are returned via an ‘error’ object.

          The plugin now spots both kinds of error and if there’s rate-limiting stops trying to get any data until Twitter says it’s safe to come back!

          Please let me know if you have any further problems!

  5. Tony says:

    Thanks for your plugin. Fantastic.
    For insert avatar and tweet for us?
    i spossible
    Sorry for my english

  6. Ronae says:

    I recently installed your widget and snagged it to my sidebar. However, nothing is showing up even after I cleared my cache. I’m not a programmer by any means – is there something simple I’m missing??

  7. Angel says:

    Hello Martin,

    I love the plugin and the different variations it has. I was wondering if I’d be able to use this without the shortcode or widget and just use the php code. The reason being is because I want to add this to the header of my wordpress site. I highly doubt I’d be able to add shortcode directly to php.
    Here’s the site that I want to add it too. I would like to add it right under the Facebook Like button.


    • Martin says:

      I’ve just uploaded a test version of the plug-in to which should work if you add something to your code like:

      rotatingtweets_display( array( 'screen_name' => 'twitter' ));

      Although all the options are available, and you could add something like:

      rotatingtweets_display( array(
                  'screen_name' => 'twitter',
                  'include_rts' => FALSE,
                  'exclude_replies' => FALSE,
                  'tweet_count' => 5,
                  'show_follow' => FALSE,
                  'timeout' => 4000,
                  'no_show_count' => FALSE,
                  'no_show_screen_name' => FALSE,
                  'show_meta_timestamp' => TRUE,
                  'show_meta_screen_name' => TRUE,
                  'show_meta_via' => TRUE,
                  'show_meta_reply_retweet_favorite' => FALSE,
                  'rotation_type' => 'scrollUp',
                  'official_format' => FALSE,

      But a better way of doing this might be to add

      dynamic_sidebar( 'special-area-for-joeijo-widgets' );

      to your code instead and then you can put as many widgets there as you want.

  8. Angel says:

    Thanks for the quick reply! I would be adding this code tonight when I get home. Really appreciate you’re help!

  9. ria sharma says:

    hello plzz tell me how to display th images of tweets in my feed…..thanx in advance…..

  10. Kim says:

    Hello, I can’t seem to get the widget work… keeps saying rate-limited by Twitter… :~(

  11. Hi Martin,

    I am currently working on a site for a client and was hoping to use the shortcode version of your fantastic plugin. My problem is that it will not rotate the posts on the homepage. It simply stays with the most recent.

    Thanks Shane

  12. Sorry the rotating tweet is on the index of

    • Martin says:


      The problem is that your template reloads its own version of the jQuery script after the WordPress version used by rotating tweets. If you look at the raw HTML, it appears once in line 35 and then again in line 61.

      This either happens because it has its own line in the `header.php` file – or gets loaded somewhere else (`functions.php`) – possibly using the `wp_enqueue_script` command – or although probably (because there is no version number in the call) via a direct `echo` command.

      The simplest way to fix the problem would probably be to comment out:

      <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

      If the template is using `wp_enqueue_script` to load jQuery, please let me know how it does it and I will adjust the plug-in to work off the template’s version of jQuery.

      Best wishes,


  13. Martin I have tried everything possible to resolve this with no avail. I am no expert by any means in wordpress but i have been able to fix any past problems I have had. The theme template I am using is Seduction by ThemeForest. I am unsure if it is using wp_enqueue_script. Would it be better if I allowed you access via ftp?

    • Martin says:

      Sure. That would be handy. Alternatively, make me (briefly) an admin on your site and I’ll be able to look at the template there too. (And then you can remove me!).

      I’ll probably find a solution in 5 minutes – or not at all! 🙂


  14. Shane McCourt says:

    Hi Martin, thanks for all your time I really appreciate it. I have sent user details to your email address, hope you receive them ok.

    • Martin says:

      I’ve commented out:

      <script type="text/javascript" src="<?php bloginfo('template_url'); ?>/js/jquery-1.4.2.min.js"></script>

      in head.php.

      I’ve changed

      #tweet {width: 500px; margin: 0 auto; text-align:center; font-size:18px; font-weight:lighter; text-transform:uppercase;}


      .tweet {width: 500px; margin: 0 auto; text-align:center; font-size:18px; font-weight:lighter; text-transform:uppercase; clear:both;}

      in style.php.

      It works now – although there’s still quite a bit to do with the styling… 🙂

  15. Shane McCourt says:

    Thank you soo much Martin, again I really appreciate your time. I have liked and followed you, is there anywhere I could make a donation, or anyway I could help promote your site?

  16. Shan says:


    I want to display two tweets at once, is this possible? havn’t seen anyone bring it up

    • Martin says:

      Not currently – it only shows one at a time.

      Will see if there is some way of doing this with the current script or whether we will need to write a new one…

      • nefka says:

        I have the same request with Shan, wether we can have some option to show not only one tweet in a time. Let say 5 tweets and scrolling up per tweet until meet existing limit set in config.

        Sorry for my english….

  17. Martin says:

    Hi Martin

    how can i install the “Another format of Twitter widget” into my blog?

    greetings and thanks for your help

  18. Atholl Blair says:

    Hi Martin,

    I just wanted to post a quick message to congratulate on such a great plugin and to thank you for providing such excellent support!

    Best regards,


  19. Marjorie says:

    Hello Martin and all,

    Thank you for this great plugin. It’s very easy to use.
    I am using it on my soon to come out website as a widget for wordpress.
    On your example the links reply, retweet and favourite appear as images. How can I do that? I don’t seem to find the option anywhere.

    Thanks for your help.

  20. Bhanu says:

    Hi Martin,
    I was just searching for a plugin for this and found yours. Its great and working like a charm.
    One thing – I couldn’t find a proper guidelines like what are the options can be used in short code ( like
    [rotatingtweets screen_name="xxxx" rotation_type='Scroll Right']
    ). Other users will get more benefits if you can put all of them together.

    Cheers !

  21. Marcia says:

    Hi Martin,

    I have your scrolling tweets widget set up on all the pages of a WordPress website, but it will only scroll on the front page. On the other pages, it shows just the last tweet and does not scroll. Any reason/fix for this?

    • Martin says:


      This normally happens if there is another plug-in or Javascript that conflicts with Rotating Tweets. In particular, this can happen if a script reloads jQuery or jquery.cycle after rotating_tweets.js.

      Can you tell me the address of your site so I can have a quick look?

      Best wishes,


  22. Bret says:

    Hi Martin,

    May I just say thanks very much for an excellent plugin, by far the easiest to setup and fits in with my theme perfectly.

    The only issue I have is that same as Marcia, on a page load or refresh the plugin shows my latest tweets but in reverse order, so latest to earliest, and then stops after one cycle. Ideally I’d like to make my tweets rotate in order, and continue to rotate instead of stopping.

    Can you help?

    Many thanks, Bret.

  23. Bret says:

    Hello again,

    For the time being I have commented out my themes jquery.cycle but this will break my blog scroller so if there is a better way to fix the issue that would be helpful… also the ordering if this is possible.

    Thanks, Bret

    • Martin says:


      I think it’s the interaction between the photonics plug-in, the Zee-based theme (a version of which Rotating Tweets has had arguments with before) and Rotating Tweets which is causing the problem.

      In essence, photonics and Rotating Tweets plugins are fairly well-behaved and refer to the jQuery cycle script as ‘jquery-cycle’ (and therefore only load it once in normal circumstances). The zeebizzcard (and, I’m guessing, zeeStyle) template calls it ‘zee_jquery-cycle’ – which therefore loads a second version and will usually break both photonics and Rotating Tweets.

      To make Rotating Tweets play nicely with the zeebizzcard theme, I added a tweak that told Rotating Tweets to use the name ‘zee_jquery-cycle’ instead of ‘jquery-cycle’ if the template is the ‘zeebizzcard’ template. To make it play nicely with ‘zeeStyle’, one option is to adjust Rotating Tweets to do the same thing with the name ‘zeeStyle’. A way to do this is to replace

      case 'zeebizzcard':


      case 'zeeStyle':

      in the rotatingtweets.php file. This doesn’t, however, solve the problem you are likely to have with photonics.

      A better solution long-term will probably be to fix the zeeStyle template – instead of changing Rotating Tweets (and you would also need to change photonics). To do this find where the zeeStyle template refers to ‘zee_jquery-cycle’ and change it to refer to ‘jquery-cycle’ and to continue to comment out where ‘zee_jquery-cycle’ is added to the header. This should make all three work together happily. 🙂


  24. Bret says:

    Hi Martin,

    Thanks so much for a quick response. I’ve already commented it out in the theme and I have a current backup so I’ll just go ahead and change it. So basically if everything uses the sitewide JS folder rather than the individual plugin folders that would work OK?

    Did you have any idea on the direction of the tweet rotation? I guess once I’ve added a few more it’ll be fine as I only show 5 currently.

    Well done on a fab plugin though, I tried many that don’t work properly if at all and many that don’t work with themes very well.

    Thanks, Bret.

  25. Graham Stacey says:

    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for this plugin – does just what I needed.
    until I upgraded to wordpress 3.5

    Now I get all kids of issues.
    Screenshot here

    I have tried the usual deactivate / reactive. with no joy

    Tried deactivate, delete and re-install and now get errors on the widget edit screen. See

    Any clues?

    • Martin says:


      No immediate answer. My site is using the development version of the plug-in and doesn’t appear to have the same problem – so that might be worth trying.

      Have you changed your WordPress or PHP security or debugging settings?


      • Graham Stacey says:

        Ok so it was as easy as wp debug being true, which I had set of other issues. So that’s sorted.

        I too have a no scrolling issue, which I can see from the various conversations is a jquerry loading issue. Is there a good way around this.
        Development site at

        Also, strangely, client wants scroll on 20 seconds. Could you point me to the place to override the widget settings.


        • Martin says:

          The simplest option is to put an override into line 362:

          $timeout = 20000 ;

          Alternatively, change the options selector variable from line 156 onwards to:

                  $timeoutoptions = array (
                                      "3000" => __("Faster (3 seconds)",'rotatingtweets'),
                                      "4000" => __("Normal (4 seconds)",'rotatingtweets'),
                                      "5000" => __("Slower (5 seconds)",'rotatingtweets'),
                                      "6000" => __("Slowest (6 seconds)",'rotatingtweets'),
                                      "20000" => __("Absolute slowest (20 seconds)",'rotatingtweets')
        • Martin says:

          PS: The jQuery issue is almost certainly the template call for jQuery in line 60 of your HTML (probably at the end of header.php).

          <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="http://localhost:8888/cfss/wp-content/themes/cfss/js/jquery-1.5.js"></script>
          <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="http://localhost:8888/cfss/wp-content/themes/cfss/js/jquery.jfontsize-1.0.js"></script>

          I don’t know how this is currently coded, but it would be best done as something like:

          wp_enqueue_script( 'jquery' );
          wp_enqueue_script( 'jquery-jfontsize', get_stylesheet_directory_uri()."/js/jquery.jfontsize-1.0.js",array('jquery'),FALSE,FALSE );
  26. Graham Stacey says:

    Thanks for the bookmarks re the timing changes.

    Re the jQuerry, of which I am a beginner…
    I have implemented jfontsize from by luck rather than knowledge.
    Supplementing your suggestions gives me rotating texts, but I loose the font size changing functions.
    Unless you have any suggestions I might need to find a different font size changing solution.

    • Martin says:

      You’ve now commented out the jQuery font-size text as well!

      Probably the easiest way to implement this is to put the jQuery script into ‘\wordpress\wp-includes\js\’ and then add the following to the header.php file of your active template before wp_head(); :

      wp_enqueue_script( 'jquery-jfontsize', includes_url()."js/jquery.jfontsize-1.0.js",array('jquery'),FALSE,FALSE );

      The best way would be to write a plug-in of your own – which is easier than you might fear! 🙂

  27. Roland says:


    I’m using your development version of rotatingtweets (downloaded today) on WordPress 3.5 and everything works perfect except my twitter profile image does not appear (see:

    And, I tried to insert a pic manually with html, but then the twitter feeds layers on top of the picture.

    What am I doing wrong?


  28. Anderson says:

    This plugin doesn’t work in my theme. I don’t know why. i think that the problem can br confict in Jquery. Anyone can help me?

    • Martin says:

      Although your theme loads its own version of jQuery, I don’t think that’s the problem (although it would still be worth replacing or removing that line).

      The badly behaved plugin is Nivo Slider for WordPress which loads its own version of jQuery and overwrites all the previous ones.

      I’d suggest either seeing if there is a more recent version that doesn’t do this, editing it to stop it loading its own copy of jQuery or find another plug-in!


  29. Martin says:

    Hi there Martin,

    nice plugin. But in my widget or post thers is my avatar/gravatar not showing. Any idea why not?

    Best regards and mery christmas …

    Martin Sender

  30. Hudson says:

    Hey Martin,

    Great plugin, mate. I really appreciate it. A quick query, however: The official plugin with the avatar is my go to and much preferred option, but some of the longer tweets break the layout barriers I’ve established on my responsive site. Is there a way around this? I’d also love to see the avatar a little larger – is there some code I can tweak for this?

    Thanks again!

    • Martin says:

      The best way to change the size of the avatar is to add a user-editable stylesheet –


      . Something like:

      div.rtw_icon img {
          max-width: 3em;
          max-height: 3em;

      should work.

      There may also be a way to limit the size of the .rotatingtweets css box via css.

      Alternatively, if you’re using a shortcode, you can set the url length via the



      Or change the value in line 514 of the latest development version of plug-in (v. 6.10 at the time of writing). (I’ll try to add an option for this asap).

      • Hudson says:


        Thank you so much for the response. You mention editing the code in line 514. I can edit the code in firebug to get the width proportions correct, but cannot for the life of me figure where the editable width for the widget would be. I checked all spuriously ostensible options. Any help there would also be appreciated.
        Pat yourself on the back, mate – you’re a champ in my book!

  31. Excellent plugin. Thanks so much for creating (and supporting) this resource. It’s just what I was looking for.

    Unfortunately it is displaying the @twitter tweets, not the screen name I ask for. Have I broken something?

    (Running 0.604)

  32. Ernst says:

    First: thank you for a great plugin. I only have one problem: when using a responsive theme, the widget resizes up to a point. Rotating tweets seems not to notice until I do a screen refresh (F5), then it resizes correctly. Is it possible to let the rotatingtweets class resize/inherit the width of the parent container widget-area?

    • Martin says:

      Which ‘look’ are you using to display the tweet? For the ‘official formats’ there is some javascript in the plugin that moves the bird to the right – which might be causing the problem.

      One option may be that I need to add some code that resizes the plug-in if the screen is resized.

      Alternatively, it may be possible to do something by adding some CSS to the main plug-in or to


      . It’s very hard to know without seeing the site.

  33. James Harding says:

    Great Plugin! Fantastically simple to use.

  34. alaincc says:

    where your define this style width: >>> 629px; height: 40px; <<<

    Thanks!!! 🙂

    • alaincc says:

      is the div container rotatingtweet display: none; z-index: 30; opacity: 1; width: 629px; height: 40px;” class=”rotatingtweet”>

      • Martin says:

        The height is always calculated via javascript – either by rotating_tweets.js or via jquery.cycle.

        And the width is often calculated via javascript for the official formats.

  35. vayu says:

    have you an idea, how can i show two tweets at the frontend at the same time.

  36. I’m using your excellent plug-in with a dynamic_sidebar(“header-widget”) How would I enable the plug-in so it always shows reply, retweet, favourite, in the Official Twitter Guidelines without having to click expand?

    • Martin says:

      Currently you’d choose ‘Official Twitter Guidelines (regular)’ in the options…

      To change the ‘Official Twitter Guildelines (wide)’ design would be harder because it’s pretty baked into code. The only thing I can think of is to change




      in line 709 and remove

      <span class='rtw_expand' style='display:none;'>".__('Expand','rotatingtweets')."</span>

      from line 721. And then possibly add something like

      #content .rtw_wide2 {
          margin-bottom: 0.35em;

      in yourstyle.css

  37. David Walters says:

    Hi Martin,

    Installed Version 0.612 and widget works fine. Cannot get shortcode for posts or pages to pull in a twitter username. All I get is the Twitter timeline for Twitter > I’ve tried several usernames all with same result. Any suggestions?

  38. Ranga says:

    Hi Martin, this is a great plug-in. my question is what would be the short code to include other users tweet as well. thanks

    • Martin says:

      Hi Ranga,

      Currently it only shows one user at a time.

      When I get the chance, I’ll see if there’s a way to do this in an upgrade.

      Best wishes,


  39. Susan says:

    Hi Martin:

    I was using the widget plugin Rotating Tweets and everything was fine, but it has suddenly stopped working in Firefox.18.0.2. It works fine in IE, Chrome and Safari.

    Please see the two instances of where this occurs. When you load the page, you see it, then it disappears.

    On this page it should appear under the copy “RETWEET & SPREAD DISTRICTWIDE” in the right sidebar.

    On this page it should appear under the copy “CONNECTICUT BUZZ” in the right sidebar, just above the Facebook Like box.

    You’ll see it works fine in the other browsers, but not Firefox.

    Many thanks for your thoughts on how to correct this — I’be been enjoying the widget you’ve created.


  40. Susan says:

    Hi Martin:

    Many thanks for your prompt reply.

    Yes, I did indicate the version in my letter to you (1st paragraph), — same as yours, 18.0.2. So, since you said it was fine on your end — I tried clearing the Firefox cache before writing again. However, this did not resolve the problem for me on either page.

    It is so bizarre, because it appears and then it disappears — only the header (ie: RETWEET & SPREAD DISTRICTWIDE or CONNECTICUT BUZZ), remains after the Twitter feed disappears. And only in Firefox.

    Many thanks for any suggestions — I am at a loss — I’ve researched this profusely but am unable to find anyone having this issue.


    • Martin says:

      Might it be a plug-in. Which ones are you using? This is very strange.

      • Susan says:

        The plugins currently activated on the site are:
        All in One SEO Pack
        Dynamic Widgets
        Jetpack by
        Pagelines Sections
        Posts in Page
        Post Types Order
        Revolution Slider
        Rotating Tweets (Twitter widget & shortcode)
        Simple CSS Lite
        Select Slick Social Share Buttons
        Select Special Recent Posts FREE Edition Special Recent Posts FREE Edition
        Tweet Blender
        W3 Total Cache

        • Martin says:

          I was thinking of Firefox plugins! Apologies.

          • Susan says:

            these are the plugins currently enabled in my Firefox browser:

            Adobe Acrobat
            Google Talk
            Google Talk Plugin Video Accelerator
            Google Update
            iTunes Application Detector
            Java Dvelopment Toolkit
            Java Platform SE 7 U9
            McAfee Security Scanner
            NPIG.dill (canon camera)
            Photo Gallery
            Shockwave Flash

          • Susan says:

            Hi Martin —
            how are you — just wondering if you had gotten my reply with the list of Firefox plugins — I have disabled several of them and still it does not work — it shows up, then a few seconds later, disappears….on another note, I tried it on another Win 7 machine using same Firefox version and you can see it, it doesn’t disappear — any thoughts?
            many thanks for your time…..

          • Martin says:

            Do you have the HTML for the tweet it disappears on?! It might be worth looking at the HTML to see if there is anything odd about it.

  41. Susan says:

    yes, and please forgive me for not mentioning in prior reply, I am on Win 7.

  42. Susan says:

    Here is the URL for the first tweet that currently appears — the code is quite long, I thought I would just send the URL and you could call up the code:

    alternatively, since it reads for you you can go to the two instances of Rotating Tweets and click on the link to the tweet to see the code. The two instances of Rotating Tweets are:

    On this page it should appear under the copy “RETWEET & SPREAD DISTRICTWIDE” in the right sidebar.

    On this page it should appear under the copy “CONNECTICUT BUZZ” in the right sidebar, just above the Facebook Like box.

    thanks for any help.

  43. Susan says:

    Hi Martin — I’ve been dabbling and I unistalled something that seems to have it all working now in Firefox — many thanks for your input and the great plugin — best wishes….Susan

  44. Irene says:

    Good morning.
    First of all tell you that I love this plugin.

    I’m working on the following website to wordpress:

    Yesterday I installed the plugin and it worked perfectly.
    After a few hours it stopped working.
    I also installed the plugin Social Media Widget. I do not know if it can be a matter of incompatibility. I tried deleting the second and has not been solved.

    Can you help me, please?

    • Martin says:

      The line that does this is:

      <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>

      This is normally caused by the zeebizzcard theme and there is a fix built in to fix that, but I see you’ve customised it under the name of the bremen theme perhaps? Is that a daughter theme?

      The latest development version of the code may correct for this!


  45. monique says:

    Hi Martin,

    Installed your pluggin, but error.

    It says:
    “Problem retrieving data from Twitter”
    “Please check the Twitter name used in the settings”

    Don’t know what I did wrong.
    Do you have an answer to this?

    • Martin says:

      Can you tell me what site you are using the plug-in on?

      Also which version of the plug-in are you using? Is it the latest one?

      Are you using the plug-in as a widget or as a short-code? What screen_name are you using?

      Finally, have you input the right codes from the Twitter website as per the instructions yet?

  46. Martin I am fairly new to the WP platform but enjoying the learning curve. Is there a reason why I can see your widget and shortcode working in IE but not Firefox?

  47. David says:

    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for the plugin certainly one of the best my brother in law and I have found, however we would like to put this plugin as a widget on the front page, very new to all this hence using a template and WordPress. Our problem seems to be that the default css of the template is taking over the colour of link within the tweets which also seems to be the background colour of this part of the template, is there a way of changing the link colour within the css of the plugin and if so if you don’t mind me asking how?

    Kind regards


  48. DH says:

    I like the plugin, not the API settings for just one twitter account. I am working on a website for a client that has two twitter accounts. Is there a way to add a second account with the plugin or do I have to create a ‘second’ wordpress site in a different folder for the other twitter account.

    • Martin says:

      Although the API settings only support writing to one twitter account, they can read from multiple accounts.

      Rotating Tweets doesn’t post anything to Twitter – just reads. So the API settings should support reading from as many accounts as you want.

      That said, I’ll try to make the instructions a bit clearer.

  49. The plugin is wonderful, maybe you can consider putting a “random” or “timeline” option, which I am modifying the code everytime you updated to have this feature 🙂

  50. Mark Minor says:

    Dear Martin
    I have problems after upgrading to IE 8.
    Everything fine with Firefox Chrome Safari & Opera.
    With IE8 there is no rotation of the news.
    Looking at your blog I saw that instead of
    the plugin also works on IE8. What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance and congratulations for the plugin!

    • Mark Minor says:

      Same problem with IE9 on win7
      Thanks again!

    • Martin says:

      Dear Mark,

      It’s working on IE10 – but I don’t have IE8 unfortunately and can’t check to see if it does the same thing for me.

      Was it working in IE8 before the recent upgrade to Rotating Tweets? Or did it only go wrong when you upgraded to IE8?


      • Mark says:

        Dear Martin …
        Thanks for quick reponse
        The only data visualized with F12:

        LOG: rt_target_width = 300
        LOG: rt_target_width = 300
        ‘console’ non è definito rotating_tweet.js?ver=3.5.1, Riga 23 Carattere 3

        !!! After debug all work perfect… possible?

        The problem in present also on your site… i don’t see the rotation… in the site:
        All works perfect.

        Thanks again! Mark

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