Aqua, deep red or orange? Vote for your favourite Liberal Drinks beermat

It’s time for Liberal Drinks to have a few beermats.

But what colour should they be? Or rather, what two colours should they be, because you can print different designs on each side?

The party seems to be getting over its love affair with ‘aqua‘. Strangely it never really started one with ‘dark red‘ even though it notionally had equal status to aqua in the Liberal Democrat brand guidelines!

I’ve thrown together a few designs and would really appreciate it you would vote to tell me which ones you like best. Just tick the ones you might be prepared to have under a pint glass in your local when you’re at Liberal Drinks.

Which beermats would you like to use?

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3 Responses to Aqua, deep red or orange? Vote for your favourite Liberal Drinks beermat

  1. Jon says:

    Three is the magic number.

  2. CarlQ says:

    I’d go for number two because I’m not quite sure about the doubling up of the logo in the others. But I also had a thought it might be good to have a Liberal quote or two on them? I knocked this up fairly quickly (and am not really a designer) but it gives you the idea:

    Or you could go less for the irony and have: “No person ought to be punished simply for being drunk.” John Stuart Mill

    etc. etc.

    I’d guess you’d be able to find quite a few… Just an idea anyway.

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