Taking the post office campaign to Whitehall

Martin Tod, Sandra Gidley MP, Chris Huhne MP and Kelsie Learney campaigning to save Hampshire post offices

The final deadline for submitting responses to the Post Office Closure programme consultation for Hampshire & the Isle of Wight finished on Monday – with detailed responses submitted by ourselves and others for most of the post offices in the local area.

However, all this detailed work mustn’t let us lose sight of the fact that ultimately these closures stem from a Government decision backed by Gordon Brown. The Government decided to close these 2,500 post offices. Post Office Management are just administering a government decision. That’s why I was in Downing Street today with Chris Huhne MP, Sandra Gidley MP and Councillor Kelsie Learney presenting the petitions we collected opposing the closure.

Post Offices are a vital lifeline in our area (and most other areas), especially for pensioners and people who don’t have easy access to transport. In rural areas they are often the last shop in the village.

Incidentally, this was my first time outside Downing Street. I got chatting to one of the police officers there and we agreed that we were surprised how tatty bits of it appeared to be. Perhaps it’s the time I spent marketing washing powder, or perhaps I’ve got fabric on my mind due to the campaign for the Textile Conservation Centre, but I was surprised how discoloured the net curtains looked (I was actually quite surprised that they had net curtains): they looked like they could do with a wash!

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