AV debate this Thursday in Chandler’s Ford

Just to let you know about an AV debate that will be taking place this Thursday the 28th at the Dovetail Centre, Chandler’s Ford.

Peter Facey, a  member of the national Yes to Fairer votes campaign committee will be debating Charlotte Vere a Director for NO2AV.

I’m also going to be a panelist on the Yes side – and Andy Milligan from Chandler’s Ford will be a panelist on the No side.

The debate will begin at 7.30 pm on Thursday the 28th. It is being held at the Dovetail Centre, Chandler’s Ford Methodist Church, SO53 2GJ.

Hope you can come along to support the cause (and the speakers too)!Debate on the Alternative Vote Referendum - Thursday 29th April - 7.30 pm - Dovetail Centre, Chandler's Ford


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