Latest changes to this WordPress theme

I’ve been playing with the WordPress theme that this site uses for the last few weeks.

Changes have included:

  • Reconfiguring it as a child theme to the standard TwentyTen theme that was introduced with WordPress 3.0.
  • Making it entirely customisable from the WordPress admin pages (of which more later), including:
    • Full control of all text on the page
    • Drag and drop control of the images used in the rotating headers and boxes
    • Control of the Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and YouTube accounts to show on the front page
  • Writing drag-and-drop widgets to show Flickr photographs, social networking icons and the sign-up box.

While I was at it, I moved my video hosting to Amazon’s S3 and Cloudfront services.

The latest change is to the Flickr widget at the bottom of this page. It now uses a slightly modified version of Leandro Vieira Pinho‘s jQuery lightbox plug-in so pop-up big versions of the images shown if you click on them.  (The modification is to enable a link through to each image’s Flickr page as required in their Community Guidelines and automatic resizing if the image is too big for the screen).

I’d previously used Lightbox JS by Lokesh Dhakar to do the same thing on another site, but that’s based on  I’d moved everything else I was doing to jQuery, so didn’t think it made sense to go back to just for this one thing.

I could also have used ThickBox, since that’s built into WordPress. But that’s no longer maintained, and I only spotted that WordPress supported it after building in jQuery lightbox!

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