QR-codes – making the UK’s top ten

Just over two years ago, I posted a couple of blog-posts about QR codes – the 2-d bar-codes that can be read by some mobile phones, and got some rather robust feedback on one where I expressed some scepticism about their future.

During the election, the idea of a Twitter poster came up, and, more for amusement than anything else (although I also wanted to say thank you to my supporters on Twitter), we produced some – and included a QR-code on them.

Could these be the geekiest posters in the UK? :-) #gomartintod #qr

Imagine my astonishment when I got an email today telling me about a blog-post on the QRazyStuff’s Blog that had put these posters into the Top 10 UK advertisers using QR Codes in 2010.

I’m flattered! And I shall wear my honorary membership of the QRazyClub with pride!

Just for the record, there are two  corrections that need to be made to the original QRazyClub article: I was only ever the Lib Dem candidate – and the tax-payer never paid a bean for our posters!

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