Martin Tod puts fairness at the heart of the Liberal Democrat campaign

The Liberal Democrats have announced they will fight the General Election on four key principles, designed to make Britain a fairer place.

Nick Clegg and Martin Tod

Martin Tod, Prospective Lib Dem MP for Winchester, has today set out his campaign priorities: fair taxes; a fair start for every child; fair, clean and local politics and a fair, green economy with jobs that last.

Martin Tod said:

“We are going into the election with a clear direction and a manifesto that is short, direct and to the point.

“We will introduce fairer taxes by closing loopholes for the richest, introducing a tax on mansions and tax cuts of up to £700 for everyone else.

“If your child is at school in Winchester, we are promising investment to help reduce class sizes, improve discipline and develop one-to-one tuition.

“We would also give local people the right to sack their MP. The Liberal Democrats are the only party committed to real change of our political system, flushing out big money and corrupt donors and reducing the number of MPs by 150.

“And we will rebuild the economy in every part of Britain in a way that promotes green technology and creates lasting jobs. We will put an end to casino banking, bring back competition and support local entrepreneurs to make sure Winchester businesses can find the investment they need.

“The coming months are a crucial time for politics and I will be using them to focus on these four priorities and get real change for Winchester.”

In his speech earlier the same day, Leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg said:

“David Cameron and Gordon Brown are playing the politics of the airbrush and the focus group.

“One doesn’t know what he believes. The other doesn’t know what to do with the power he clings to so desperately.

“I believe the country wants something different. The Liberal Democrats are different. We offer credibility where it’s needed. And hope for our common future.”

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  1. Have you found a ghost writer for your blog? It's no longer written in the first person…

    • mpntod says:

      Nope. The blog will remain in the first person.

      I've added some press releases (which, although often written by me, are not always in the first person), and am working on my WordPress template to display them separately.

      So you should soon be seeing a first person blog once again…

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