Gardens and pavements

I needed a break from working on leaflets and websites, and Michaela wanted a break as well, and so we decided to pop into Winchester to take a look at Dean Garnier’s garden in the cathedral close.

As well as being a campaigner for a sewage system in Winchester, Dean Garnier was a founding member of the Hampshire Horticultural Society.

Dean Garnier's GardenDean Garnier's GardenDean Garnier's Garden

After a very pleasant half-hour taking a few photographs and looking at the plants, we decanted to the cathedral refectory for coffees and conversation (and, in my case, a homemade sticky bun).

On the way back, I’m afraid to say that my political instincts took over. Several local people had mentioned to me the poor maintenance by the County Council of the paving stones in the centre of Winchester, and the campaign being run by the local party on the issue, so I couldn’t resist the temptation to go and see for myself.

Cracked Paving StoneCracked Paving Stone

Yet another area where the Conservative-run County Council is badly letting down local people.

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  1. Leunig says:

    Winchester is such a beautiful place. It is a shame to see the council let the town down like this.


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