Another video

I’ve just done another video over on Taking Power.

An almost embarrassingly cheap set-up (which perhaps you can see in the production!):

Equipment was:

The Ixus (which dates from 2004) is a pocketable digital camera and not a camcorder, and only goes up to 320×240 at 15 frames per second. Google Video currently take 640×480 at 30 frames per second so it may be time to put a higher res camera on my birthday present list. šŸ™‚

Obvious opportunities for improvement in lighting and framing. But then I suspect the first Focus didn’t look too hot by today’s standards!

Video frenzy

Following all the other video activity on other Lib Dem blogs, I’ve been going on a bit of video frenzy to see what might be the best way to make Lib Dem videos. I’ve also used the Democracy Plug-In and Democracy Widget to set up an online poll to get your point of view.

So here goes…

First we have the mobile phone video:

Closely followed by some video on a Canon Digital Ixus 400.

I then experimented with supplementing the video with separately recorded sound using a Sony Microphone and an Olympus Digital Video Recorder.

And finally, I recorded some video on my webcam

Let me know what works best for you. Personally I think the digital camera with separate sound recording appears to deliver the best results – although the video on the webcam is higher res running at 25 frames per second rather than 15 fps on the Canon. From my own perspective, I find the better sound makes a bigger impact than having better video (although I suppose I could have done a synchronised recording on the webcam too). I’ll be interested in what other people say. The obvious missing category of video is video shot using a proper video camera, but unfortunately I don’t have one! You may need to go back to the home page to enter the poll.