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For some reason I didn’t post this when I originally wrote it. However it still seems to make sense, so I might as well post it now I’m reminded by Stephen Tall’s review of Bob Woodward’s, Plan of Attack, that I’d intended to post a few words about Fiasco, The American Military Adventure in Iraq […]

Exactly the same age as Match of the Day…

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I knew from various sources that I was 30 years younger than Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf and 60 years younger than Deng Xiaoping – but thanks to Duncan’s post about Will’s post about the BBC programme archive, I’ve now discovered that I am exactly the same age as Match of the Day. Liverpool vs Arsenal – […]

That makes three of us…

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I’m pleased to discover that I’m not the only person using SlideShowPro for political websites. I used SlideShowPro for the header at my selection website and also on TakingPower. However, according to SlideShowPro’s creator, it’s also being used by a couple of rather higher profile politicians on their websites: Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton!

Policy discussions

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To keep up to date with the policy discussions at, there’s now an RSS feed for the comments being made on the site to make it easier to see and respond to other people’s comments.

Meeting Dean

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Interesting to read about Hazel Blears meeting Howard Dean to discuss use of the internet. When we met him back in May, he made it clear that he didn’t have much time for Labour due to their slavish support for George Bush and the war in Iraq. I wonder if he told them as much […]