Billy Bragg on Taking Power…

Here’s the first video produced with Alex Davies, Paul Tyler and Billy Bragg as part of the Taking Power consultation. There’s more to come…

It was an extremely interesting and thought-provoking conversation: unfortunately the camera ran out of batteries so we didn’t get it all on video, although we did get it all on audio. Later on we got to discussing Billy Bragg’s new book “The Progressive Patriot” , and a positive vision for English identity and values.

I’ll post it up as a podcast as soon as the videos are all done and I get a spare moment.

Four new Lib Dem policy consultation websites

Another shiny new Lib Dem site goes up.

We’ve just released the new policy consultation website –

It’s built on the previous experience of Rob Fenwick’s Meeting the Challenge website and the Make IT Policy consultation site that Richard Allan and I worked on back in 2002 and has the consultations for:

The Taking Power consultation (another Allan/Tod production together with Alex Davies and Paul Tyler) has generated more response than I expected – so it will be interesting to see how much response these generate.

All systems go for first ever UK political Skypecast…

It’s now all systems go for tomorrow.

We’ve had a few calls in with questions on 07747 867259.

Ming’s Skypecast has been made the lead feature (apparently globally!) on the Skype website.

You can download Skype from – and if all you want to do is listen to the call, you don’t even need a microphone.

To log-in and listen to the call, just go to the page for Ming’s Skypecast tomorrow morning at 10.15 a.m. BST, and hit the ‘sign in to join’ link.

More details on the Taking Power website.

Ming Skypecast on Taking Power

After a relatively successful trial of Skypecasting this evening, we’ll be going for it this coming Wednesday at 10.30 a.m. Hopefully a few people will be able to join.

Skypecasting means people can listen live and ask questions at the end.

You might still be able to spot details of the event on the Skypecasting home page! In case it’s not longer the lead story, check out the specific page for the Taking Power skypecast.

More about Taking Power, on the Taking Power website.

To join in, you will need to download and install a copy of Skype. To ask a question, you will need a microphone.

Green Tax Switch – a straight line from Dorking to Hazel Grove

Bizarrely, the map of all the Green Tax Switch meetings on Flock Together suggests that all the meetings to date are in a straight line between Dorking and Hazel Grove.

You can see for yourself here.

Update: The link in the earlier edit of this post has now been corrected. Mike Bell in Weston-super-Mare has opened up a new ley-line. All other entries (including a new one in Wellingborough) remain on the previous one!