Lib Dem video – now available for your phone…

Not content with making Lib Dem video easily available for your website, it’s now available for your phone!

The last conference video done by Alastair Reed and myself is now available in 3GP format as follows:

ConferenceVoxPops.3gp (3GP, 1.8MB)

Let me know if there are any others you want converted into telephone format…

Google Maps on your phone

Here’s a nice discovery. A rather awesome Java app that displays Google Maps on your phone.

I was able to zoom in and look at a satellite picture of my house without too much difficulty. It was also possible to navigate around the maps considerably more easily than I normally can with my network’s location service (although unlike my current service, it doesn’t know where I am). Overall, a pretty handy piece of kit.

To download the program to your phone, visit on your mobile browser.