Welcome to the third Lib Dem widget…

Another widget!

This one puts the party’s campaign buttons on a WordPress site and gives you the option to change the number of buttons that are displayed.

If you already have widgets installed as part of your WordPress installation, you can try this widget out yourself. All you need to do to use it:

  1. Download the ldbuttons.php.txt file and save it or upload it into your widget plug-ins directory under the name ‘ldbuttons.php’
  2. Go into the ā€˜Pluginsā€™ area of your WordPress installation and activate the ‘Lib Dem Buttons’ widget.
  3. Go into the ā€˜Sidebar Widgetsā€™ section of the ā€˜Presentationā€™ area of WordPress, and drag your new ‘Lib Dem Buttons’ widget to the desired location.
  4. Hit ‘Save Changes’

erā€¦ thatā€™s it.

If you don’t have widgets installed, head off to Automaticc’s Widgets project page and follow their extremely helpful instructions on how to install widgets and add them to your blog template.

Author: Martin Tod

Martin Tod is a marketing professional and Liberal Democrat living in Winchester.

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