More champagne?

Just heard from a former Vodafone colleague that the ‘3 minute conversation’ campaign has been recognised as the UK campaign of the year by Mobile News…

In case you’ve forgotten it, here’s an execution from the campaign:

So many thanks to the Mobile News Awards 2006 for the award for “National Advertising/Marketing/PR Campaign”.

First the world and now the UK. Here’s some more virtual champagne to celebrate.

huge amount of champagne in the Taittinger cellars

Harrogate hotels

I’ve obviously been spending too much time politicking and not enough time marketing – because I’ve managed to mix up two of the world’s leading hotel brands on the flyer for tomorrow evening’s LDO fringe meeting on ‘The Leadership Campaign and the Internet’.

So, just for clarity, the fringe is at 8 p.m. and in the Holiday Inn, Harrogate (not the Hilton).

Download the flyer and pass it on (PDF, 87kB)

Websites reviewed…

The Times has now asked the editor of Web User magazine to assess all the leadership campaign websites.

“Leadership candidates use web to snare new support”

He’s right about the complexity of the menu on Ming’s site (as was). These happen through lots of small steps that add up to an overcomplex whole – I’ve already simplified it a bit. If I get time, I’ll put some work into some even simpler, and possibly more dynamic menus as soon as the election is over.

Nice to be recognised…

Nice to see that the last campaign I was responsible for at Vodafone has been recognised at the 2006 GSM Awards in Barcelona as the best mobile advertising campaign in the world.

Time to open a bottle of champagne and spray it around the kitchen (or, in reality, share it with Michaela).

While I’m at it, here’s some more champagne (all virtual I’m afraid) for all the other people at JWT London and in the Vodafone UK Marketing Communications team for all the imagination, creativity and hard work that made the campaign possible…

huge amount of champagne in the Taittinger cellars