Meeting famous people…

My brother David has just become a US citizen and met George Bush Sr. – all in the same week.

Brother David meets George Bush

He poses an intriguing question: what would you say if you met George Bush Sr.?

Thinking back to the odd occasion when I have unexpectedly met famous people, I tend to have been struck dumb (Kofi Annan, Vaclav Havel) or not realised that I had just met someone famous (Scarlett Johanssen).

Admittedly in the case of Scarlett Johanssen, we were sharing a lift with several other people, and she had her back to me, and we were in the Chateau Marmont where it’s seen as decidedly uncool to get starstruck and even acknowledge that you are in a lift with a Hollywood superstar.

The bizarre thing about that particular encounter was that it was shortly after Lost in Translation had come out, and Michaela and I were, unwittingly, having a discussion about the merits and demerits (mainly demerits) of my only having eaten Kobe beef cooked shabu shabu during previous trips to Kobe.

The consequence of all this is that, while Michaela (who did spot who we were sharing a lift with) and I may not have actually spoken to Scarlett Johanssen, our overheard conversation did appear to make her laugh as she stepped out of the lift!