Petition calling for Charles Clarke’s resignation

Rob Fenwick, together with Mark Pack and yours truly, has just put up a petition calling for Charles Clarke’s resignation on the front page of the federal site. Rob did the design and graphics. I did the ‘petition engine’ (of which more at a later date) and most of the buttons. Mark drove the project overall, sorted out the fundraising and did the rest of the buttons.

Lost - 1,023 prisoners - Charles Clarke must go - link to Lib Dem petition site

Nick Clegg has written a short piece which not only lays out why Clarke should go, but also points out how this fiasco illustrates the hollowness of Labour’s sanctimonious rhetoric on crime.

At a time when more and more of UK government is being driven by central mandate rather than local democracy, it’s essential that those making the mandates are held personally to account. These are, after all, people who believe so strongly in their own personal judgement and abilities that they believe that they should be able to unilaterally change the law without a vote in parliament.

If losing 1,023 prisoners isn’t a resigning issue, then what is?

Author: Martin Tod

Martin Tod is a marketing professional and Liberal Democrat living in Winchester.

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