Video news feed

I’ve just put together a bit of HTML code that lets you display the latest party video on your website as follows.

The basic code is:

<script type="text/javascript"

To set a particular width in pixels, just add some code like ?width=200 to set the width of your video box, giving something like:

<script type="text/javascript"

To get the code in a form suitable for including in a PHP readfile, add &format=html to your URL.


This should automatically update whenever a new video is added…

Billy Bragg on Taking Power…

Here’s the first video produced with Alex Davies, Paul Tyler and Billy Bragg as part of the Taking Power consultation. There’s more to come…

It was an extremely interesting and thought-provoking conversation: unfortunately the camera ran out of batteries so we didn’t get it all on video, although we did get it all on audio. Later on we got to discussing Billy Bragg’s new book “The Progressive Patriot” , and a positive vision for English identity and values.

I’ll post it up as a podcast as soon as the videos are all done and I get a spare moment.

Four new Lib Dem policy consultation websites

Another shiny new Lib Dem site goes up.

We’ve just released the new policy consultation website –

It’s built on the previous experience of Rob Fenwick’s Meeting the Challenge website and the Make IT Policy consultation site that Richard Allan and I worked on back in 2002 and has the consultations for:

The Taking Power consultation (another Allan/Tod production together with Alex Davies and Paul Tyler) has generated more response than I expected – so it will be interesting to see how much response these generate.