Letter to Dave

Much to our surprise, Michaela and I recently received a letter from David Cameron asking us to join the Conservative Party.

In it he claimed, rather improbably, that the Conservatives would have a relationship with the U.S. that was ‘not slavish’ – although given Cameron’s record since becoming leader on every single foreign policy issue – including Iraq, the Lebanon and Trident – I can’t really see what makes him believe this.

My response was as follows:

Dear David,

Thank you for your letter inviting me to join you in the Conservative Party.

I’m afraid I won’t be joining you though.

Since becoming leader of the Conservatives, you’ve shown consistently poor judgement on foreign affairs, especially on Iraq.

And the Conservative record locally shows you can’t be trusted on the environment and the NHS.

I’m pleased you are now opposed to ID cards. I just wish your party had opposed them right from the start.

There’s still only one party that I can trust on the environment, the NHS, foreign affairs and protecting civil liberties. So I’m sticking with Ming and the Liberal Democrats.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Tod (signature)

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